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Big Trouble at Little Tinkle! - FUBAR VSF AAR

I’ve yet to play my “The Mysterious Affair On and About the Dniester!” scenario as I haven’t been able to get five people together at any one time! but i'm hoping to get enough people together around Christmas. In the meantime I really want to I want to test my FUBAR VSF PULP rules though so I put together a two player game for a run through. Actually a good idea really as ironing out any issues with my updates in a small game will make the ‘big event’ more enjoyable! Okay here we go…

“Big Trouble at Little Tinkle!”

Important information was coming to light regarding Doktor Von Hades latest evil inventions and they were alarming the Leaders of the free world. A field report from S.O.E. revealed that he was building a new clockwork Automaton, this ten foot tall behemoth armed with a large calibre rapid fire rifle was of great concern! Unlike the current Automatons it did not require a controller as it could be programmed before action and would then attempt to complete its mission with no regard to the opposition. Of interest was the Doktor needed the recently discovered element Randominium in the construction of this fearsome machine! At this time the only stockpile of this rare material was held in Little Tinkle, England at the home of a renowned German born Scientist. He was living in exile in England due to the wide spread extremist views on men with extremely weird hair styles that were rife in Germany at the time, his name was Professor Fred Einstein.

Doktor Von Hades in need of Einstien's Randominium decided to raid Little Tinkle and seize his supplies of the vital element. In the early morning of a fine November day one of Von Hades evil L.A.S.E.R. machines struck Little Tinkle again and again. The panicked populace fled from the town as many of its quaint building were severely damaged. Later in the day a raiding team led by one of Steel Ball's right hand men, Cottonmouth Malone arrived in Little Tinkle with orders to comb the ruins and locate Einstein's Randominium and any other items of significance that may help their cause and then extricate them to their Steam Airship. Little did Malone know but a dedicated troop of British soldiers from the 24th FootenMouth Regiment with an S.O.E scientist were nearby and alerted to intercept his raiders...

Scenario Details:
7th November 1876
Little Tinkle, England
Sometime in the Afternoon

Faction Great Britain:
Hero Type:           Captain Butt-Whistle
Trusty Chaps:      Sergeant Allcock and Professor Tangent
Average Joes:    Privates Jones, Archer, Andrews, Smith
Faction Team Evil:
Hero Type:           Cottonmouth Malone
Trusty Chaps:      Ronnie the rifle and Doctor Bones
Average Joes:    Lightening Joe, Fat Tony, Skinny Jack and Shilling Sack

Hero Types:
Activation 3+
Expertise 4+
Wounds 3
Hero Points 4
Save 5+ 
Trusty Chaps:  
Activation 4+
Expertise 4+
Wounds 2
Hero Points 2
Save 5+
Average Joes: 
Activation 5+
Expertise 5+
Wounds 1
Hero Points 0
Save 6+

Special Rules:
Characters can carry only one artifact and can do so at no penalty.
Game length is 10 Turns.
Turns 1 to 4 a TRUCE is in effect and Team Great Britain and Team Evil may not target each other, game generated Characters are not covered by the truce so go for it with them as they will with you!
Doors cost 0"
Windows cost 1"
Fences cost 1"
Moving upstairs/downstairs costs 2"
Artifacts: when discovered...
Move the discovering Character adjacent to Artifact and roll for a Booby Trap 
a 6 results in a 2 dice attack hitting on 3+
a 5 results in a 1 dice attack hitting on 3+
Note -  Hero Types  and Trust Chaps may play a maximum of 2 Hero Point that give a -1 modifier for the To Hit Number per Hero Point for these attacks

Game Characters 

Local Militia & GedEye Tribesmen:
Controlled by the Umpire BUT must attack the closest Player Characters with fire or by charging.
A total of 4 pairs are available, a pair will appear on a roll of 5 or 6 when any building is entered for the first time. Once the forth set is placed no more will appear BUT there is umpire discretion at call here!
Local Militia & GedEye Tribesmen: 
Activation Automatic with 1 Action only
Expertise 5+ Note GedEye are 4+ in Close Combat
Wounds 1
Hero Points 0
Save 6+
Statue Activation (Umpire discretion):
Anytime the Randominium moves within 4' of a Statue the Umpire may activate said Statue and it becomes a Character:
Activation Automatic with 1 Action only
Expertise 5+
Wounds 2
Hero Points 0
Save 4+

Victory Conditions:
Locate and extricate to their side of the table as many of the five hidden stashes in the town and kill as many of the opposition as possible. A figure must leave the play area and can not return to achieve this.
Randominium 3VPs
Jewels, Weapons Cache, Chemical Supplies, Keg of Heavy Water 1 VP
Killing an opposition Character 1VP (game Characters not counted!)
Highest total after 10 Turns wins

The 'battlefield', the east end of Little Tinkle

Big Trouble in Little Tinkle..The AAR!

A very entertaining game it played well and quickly so fulfilled both the requirements I was looking for! There were a couple of hiccups with the rules around wounds and the the sequence of playing the game 'generated' Characters but I've rewritten them now and will play this game again to test them before going on to stage “The Mysterious Affair On and About the Dniester!” I hope you enjoyed this, I'll try to work out how to post my FUBAR VSF PULP rules so they can be downloaded if anyone is interested...

Next Time...probably another AAR as I still have a couple I haven't written up!

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Doktor Von Hades Ten Foot Clockwork Automatons

After the success he enjoyed with his Clockwork Apes which had proved to be an utterly devoted Body Guard (as long as they were kept wound up of course!) Doktor Von Hades decided he would use the same technology to create a horde of Ten Foot Automatons which would support his fighters in their battles the the Great Nations Armies!

The fighting automatons were built with the intent of not only fighting regular Infantrymen and gunners but defeating the Great Nations Armoured Steam Wagons and Landships! They were well armoured and armed with a half inch calibre Rapid Fire Rifle with every second round loaded being fitted with an armour piercing tip! They moved at the same pace as regular infantry making them faster than any existing automaton and did not require a human controller as they had a mechanical brain that could be programmed before battle! This 'robotic brain' though was their Achilles Heel as it required in its manufacture the use of the newly discovered element Randominium which was extremely rare! Aside from that this new Evil Weapon would be of great concern to the Military Leaders of the Worlds armies!

Posed pictures of Doktor von Hades presenting his new Ten Foot Automatons to his most trusted Evil Henchmen, Steel Balls and Nobby Johnson at his secret ruined factory discretely hidden in the backstreet of Croydon, England... 

Building Warlord British Automated Infantry

I saw a big special on the net for the Warlord Konflict 47 British Automated Infantry and thought they mayb make a cool evil robot to compliment Doktor Von Hades forces.

The kits arrived promptly  and were well packaged. There was no guide for constructions but it looked pretty easy and completed examples were on the box cover. I do think some guide to the various leg and arm combinations would have been nice though. The parts needed minimal clean up but were fiddly to assemble! I added each limb and had to allow it to completely set before moving onto the next one! I completed these with a black undercoat, a sloppy addition of Humbrol Polished Steel then some highlighting with brass...I am pleased with the result!

The loose bits...

The finished product...

 The Ten Foot Automatons on Maneouvres with Doktor Von Hades Swiss Mercenaries!

Next Time - the AAR that required this Historical Post before I could include it!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

1/56 VSF 'Zeppelin' Bomber Build - Part Two Completed!

During 1878 Italian General Giulo Douhet 'The Senior' spent hours pondering the new steam technologies while spending time with his nine year old son. He had witnessed in a short period of time the advancement in human flight from the employment of uncontrolled hot air balloons to the introduction of the new steam powered Sopwith and Fokker flyers that defied gravity with ease and careered through the skies.

He postulated that if these avionic contraptions could be enlarged enough to carry large quantities of the new high explosive bombs they could blast enemy countries populations into submission through terror and fear! His ideas were frowned upon by the military leaders of the time and universally ignored.

In France though airship designer Santos Dumont read Douhet's essays with great interest and tried again and again to create an airship that would be able to fulfill the Italians prophets ideas.  Finally his Type IX Santos Dumont Airship design looked to fit the bill. It had a range of 250 miles, a crew of three, two rapid fire riles and eight large bombs! To increase this airships ability to successfully traverse long distances and return safely to its base of origin after releasing its lethal bomb load he added armour plating to the envelope.

When Dumont displayed his airship in early 1879 he soon had orders from eight counties for multiple units. It wasn't long before the Type IX Santos Dumont Airship was being built under licence in four countries...Dumont pockets filled with coin at the expense of humanity but he wasn't then only inventor or industrialist in such a position!

This is a period photograph of the German licence built Type IX Santos Dumont Airship, LSMS Seydlitz coordinating with Imperial Army Troops in action in Eastern was taken by SOE Agent Edward Bigger who had disguised himself as an unladen African Swallow to unobtrusively get into a position where he could 'snap the shot'...

Finishing 'Zeppelin' Bomber the build...

I actually finished this build a while ago but I'm still catching up on posting my VSF stuff! i hope this is of interest to you!

Part one of the Build is on an earlier Post here:

I decided to cover the balloon/envelope with individual armoured panels instead of going down the dope and tissue paper option I was considering in my first post on this build. Even though this is easier to do panel by panel than going down the tissue and dope route it takes forever! The most panels I've done in a day is 4 and there's 64 required!

First up I made two 'nose cones' the actually had a sort of keel along their baseline instead of being perfectly circular but I actually liked that!

I then started adding the panels, this was very time consuming and I averaged four a day as I needed to let the glue to set completely on a panel before I could move onto the next one! Here I'm up to...a quarter done...

How each panel is added, they each need to be secured while the glue sets to conform with the curve...

Okay time to start adding rivets to the armoured panels; 

Now I was thinking it would take about 6 rivets a panel to cover the airship...oh no that was way too few here's the breakdown of what was required:

 32 panels of 10 rivets
 16 panels of 7 rivets
 16 panels of 5 rivets

 512 rivets  CRIKEY! Where's Rosie when you need her!

Once the riveting was completed the balloon got a spray coat of black so I could see where to clean up excess glue and 'grout' from the panels then after that the adding of rivets began.

The envelope was then painted and joined to the gondola! I was going to go with a steel finish for the envelope but I've used that on my Martian Tripods so that was out of the question so I used grey like my other VSF flyers for the base colour...grey the colour of Victorian cities...

Okay the gondola finally met the balloon to support the weight of if I have substituted coat hanger wire for what should be flexible 'cables'....

I tried to use a single piece of rod to secure the Airship but the models weight distribution soon led me to using two rods (in a very slight 'V' shape) on a substantial base plate...but I think it's come out alright...

Now I needed to finish the rudder, I was going to add fabric/tissue paper to the steering tail fin but had a thought that I could use this to attach nationality markings...below you can see the Imperial German fin skin Blu-Tacked into place, I have made up British, Russian and French fin skins too, also included in this picture is the addition of the ballast sandbags these still need a bit of paint work...

Last thing to complete this sucker was to detail the base...

Well another project crossed off my list! I hope you like this airship I think it turned out just to work out how to use it in  FUBAR VSF game!

And a note on pictures in posts I forgot last time to mention that all the Blog's pictures are now restored!

Next time: that AAR I think I mentioned last time!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The VSF British Grenadier Guard is Deployed!

The British Grenadier Guard Regiment was the premier unit of Queen Victoria's Military Forces, it consisted of handpicked men from the army's the best formations and they were led by officers from the oldest families in the Empire! Dressed in the finest uniforms of the era and equipped with the most modern weapons available this Regiment was capable of defeating the best that any other country could put into the field!

Beneath their enormous Bearskin headgear the bright scarlet tunics of the Grenadier Guardsmen concealed coal fibre vests. These protective undergarments safeguarded them from all but direct hits at close range while they could deal out considerable punishment to their opposition with their Mk III Brunel Steam Carbines and Type II Grenade Projectors manufactured by the British EndoSteel Company. The Officers were well equipped with Wobley Revolvers and heavy straight edged Tesla Swords, the 'ZAP' of the electrical charge that could be released by a simple press of the button on the hilt of these fine instruments of death could stun any opposition easing their speedy dispatch!

This elite unit of the British army along with the other formations of the Guard were never shielded from combat and held in reserve they were often the first troops to muck in and give the opposition some curry in fact sometimes they were a bit to exuberant and would charge into close combat with their foes heedless of orders albeit in good order!

This photograph taken in the 1870's on Salisbury Plain during the Imperial Army's summer manoeuvres shows a section of Grenadier Guardsmen advancing in perfect formation led by their Officer! Of interest in the background Captain Darling can be seen discussing the war games with Lord Wotsit  wearing a blue uniform with his trusty Triambulator nicknamed 'Maisey' in the background!

When I saw these Ironclad Miniatures VSF Grenadier Guards I just had to get some! These are good casts of very well scuplted figures. In true VSF theme they are advancing in a good variety of poses and the officer and sergeant are well posed. I like my figures chunky and these fellows are just that and they are very well detailed! The faces are good and there is a plethora of facial hair for the painting! 

In all their glory and sporting my inadequate paint work my section of VSF British Grenadier Guards!

For my FUBAR VSF games their Carbines are the equal of Galvanic Rifles and they're armoured so have a higher saving throw. Their activation levels will be good but not great however unlike other sections/squads they have the advantage of activating as two five man half sections and if they have their officer or sergeant attached will get a positive modifier! Lastly if they ever find themselves starting their turn within charging distance of an enemy unit no matter if its entrenched or a even Steam Powered Armoured Contraption on the roll of a natural five or six when activating they'll muck in for Her Majesty and charge said target! These troops are definitely going to hard nuts to crack when in action...but what else would you expect from Britain's finest!

Unfortunately two figures arrived with broken rifles! Ironclad promptly replaced them and the two damaged figures with a couple of Trenchworx spares became true Grenadiers armed with Type II Grenade Projectors manufactered by the British EndoSteel Company !

A close up of the Grenadier Guard section on Salisbury Plain!

I am so tempted to get some of Ironclad's VSF British Line Infantry clad in Home Service Dress complete with spiked yeah! 

And just so you know I am not on Ironclad Miniatures payroll I just love their stuff!

Next Time, a FUBAR VSF AAR